What we are all about...
Our Team 

David Littlejohn 
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Registered Investment Advisor
SmartVestor Pro Team Leader
Radio Personality

Justin Bruggeman 
Associate Wealth Advisor
Registered Investment Advisor
SmartVestor Pro Team

Katie Shook 
Operations Manager
Financial Peace University Coordinator
SmartVestor Pro Team Member
Radio Personality

Christine Summers 
Admisinstrative Assistant
Client Liaison    
SmartVestor Pro Team Member

Independence - from Wall Street and Large Firms 
While LjFS has access to the same types of tools and resources of large firms, it is a boutique in the financial world. It is an independent Registered Investment Advisor in Oregon. Independence is a critical part of the LjFS culture. There is no large firm, no sales quotas, no proprietary "product" or investment banking relationship, and no pie charts. Put simply, LjFS exists to serve our clients and meet their needs. Our strength is not in the size of our firm but in the size of our network or resource. We offer the personalized and customized services of a boutique with the solutions of the largest firms out there. It truly is the best of both worlds for our clients - independent, flexible, capable, and personal.

Our Clients - why we exist 
Being a client of LjFS is more than just paperwork and accounts. It's special. LjFS only takes a limited number of clients each year. This is because we take commitments to our clients (our extended family) very seriously. Don't let this detour or intimidate you though. We try to look past the numbers. Our clients chose us and we choose our clients. Just like finding the right personal physician, you want to make sure the personalities and services are a good fit. LjFS wants to do the same. We take the time to get to know you and make sure we can add value - both personally and professionally.

Confidentiality - money is personal, and it stays that way 
Unless you tell us otherwise, your finances are your business and yours alone. You can count on LjFS to protect your privacy.  

Education - the cornerstone of any successful investment strategy 
One of the strengths of LjFS is the commitment to education; both of our staff and clients. We feel strongly that investors should not invest in anything they cannot understand. However, investing can be sophisticated and complex at times. One of the greatest demonstrations of trust is a client that simply entrusts their assets to us to "take care of the details" and free themselves to focus on other passions. But LjFS is committed to taking whatever time is necessary to help our clients fully understand each and every nuance of an investment strategy. 

Planning - It's 10:30 Wednesday morning. You're 62 years old. What are you doing? 
Most of us have dreams. The questions  is what are doing about them? At LjFS we view our role as both coach and partner. Our goal is to help our clients reach their goal - thus our mission: to help clients make the financial leap from dreaming to doing. To do this you first have to examine where you want to be when you grow up. Next, you map out the steps to get there (and no, this is not a formula). Finally, you begin the journey, recognizing there will be obstacles and detours - perhaps even changes to the destination - but taking deliberate steps to get closer and closer to those dreams.

Investing - if the plan is the chassis, investing is the engine 
It's been said you work for your money, so make sure your money works for you. Ultimately part of almost every financial strategy involves investing in some form to put money to work. At LjFS, we follow a few simple rules: don't take any more risk than is required to meet an investment objective; be willing to sell an investment while you still have a profit; avoid large losses; and use discipline rather than emotion to guide our decision making process.

True Currency - the memories and friendships we build over a lifetime
Money buys stuff, and that's important. But at the end of the day, money is what we trade our time for. The "stuff" is temporary. Our staff and clients understand that "making money" is not an investment objective. Making money is the product of the strategy, but the investment objective is driven by true currency. It's the only thing we can take with us at the end of the day. 

Faith - the fundamental principles that drive us
LjFS is an inclusive professional organization and we celebrate the differences that make us great. Our mission is to help anyone. But at it's core, LjFS strives to be a patriotic and Christian organization. This is not because we are on a mission to convert others and spread our faith, but simply to share the foundation of the fundamental principles that shape our investment philosophies: stewardship, responsibility, and accountability. Your opinions - similar, different, or otherwise - are absolutely welcome. We won't beat you with a Bible. and we certainly know we're not perfect. But we're committed to improving. and you have permission to hold us to a high standard. 

Family - it makes us tick
One of the highest values we hold at LjFS is family. In fact, in many respects, we consider our clients to be an extension of our family. We love hearing the stories about kids, grand kids, vacations, and other treasured moments. Money is remarkably personal. A trusting and meaningful relationship is the only way we know to help our clients. So we treat them the way we hope to be treated... like part of the family. 

Fun - a little word with big importance
Life is full of responsibilities and pressures. We can't make them go away, but we can do our best to make them more enjoyable. And fun is part of it. Working with LjFS should be more than a pile of papers and numbers. If you're going to "join the family", we hope to smile and laugh together... A lot. We try to start by setting a good example.