What do you charge?
Fee-Based Asset Management
As the name implies, fee-based management is investment management for a fee.  The fee is charged much the way a retainer fee would and is based on the total value of the assets being managed.  As asset values increase, the percentage of fee decreases.  This means as your account grows, we experience success together with you as an investor.  But if your account declines in value, we feel the effects as well.  Our interests are naturally aligned.  
Fees are collected in arrears, not in advance.  So we have to earn our fee before we bill for it. A management fee is billed monthly and is based on the total value of the assets at the end of the prior month.
For these reasons the interests of our clients and Littlejohn Financial Services remain connected.  Or, as we like to say, "We're in the same boat with our clients.  If they lose money, so do we."  We prefer this method of investing to alternative strategies such as commission-based investment models that can present potential conflicts of interest when it comes to client-centered investment advice versus product-driven or compensation-driven advice.  Bottom line, we seek scenarios where our clients' success is tied to our own.  We win together - that's what being part of a team is all about.

Financial Planning

We have a saying in our office... "There is NO such thing as a financial planning emergency. If there is a financial emergency, then you have failed to plan!" We understand that emergencies happen from time to time and we will develop a plan to deal with those emergencies if and when they arise.  

Do you have specific financial questions you want to evaluate or do you want a second opinion on the investment strategies you're already using.  Are you receiving an inheritance or figuring out how to take care of your family if something untimely happens to you.  Not every "Out of the Box" solution works and sometimes a little customization is required.  Consulting is our way for us to find a unique solution for your specific situation.  Consulting can be handled in one of two ways: Project Based or Hourly. How to handle your unique financial situation will be determined at the first meeting. 
Either way your initial consultation is always FREE. 

Project Based vs. Hourly Consulting

"Project Based" is our flat-fee arrangement, so you know how much it will cost before you get started. Because each individual's needs are different, flat-fee arrangements are negotiated ahead of time and based on the scale and complexity of the project. We will also set goals for accomplishment and help mentor you through any situation. 

Hourly Consulting is the equivalent of "time and materials" for financial advisers. Examples of items that may fall under Hourly Consulting are listed below:
  • Divorce Planning
  • Advanced Personal Planning 
  • Business Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning