Our Mission is simple: 
Help our clients make the leap from financial dreaming to doing.

Education is the cornerstone of any successful investment strategy. We feel strongly that investors should not invest in anything they cannot understand. However, investing can be sophisticated and complex at times. LjFS is committed to educating our clients to understand the nuances of an investment strategy. 

Every journey starts with a map and a plan. Let us help you achieve your financial dreams by forming a plan together and giving you the tools to map out your financial future. Call today to schedule an appointment for your Financial Plan (541) 375-0898.
We are independent from Wall Street and Large Firms and yet we have access to the same types of tools and resources. Independence is a critical part of the Littlejohn culture. There is no large firm, no sales quotas, no proprietary "product" or investment banking relationship, and no pie charts. Put simply, WE exists to serve our clients and meet their needs.